Oral-B Pro-Health Medium Toothbrush

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Tight Spaces Are The Easiest Places For Plaque To Build Up–And The Toughest To Clean Since Straight-Bristle Toothbrushes Struggle To Reach Them. Oral-B Pro-Health Medium Toothbrush Bristles Attack Plaque From The Perfect Angle An Optimal 16? Cleaning Better Than Straight Ones. Plus, Pro-Health’S Tongue Cleaner Helps Remove Germs From The Tongue.

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Oral-B Pro-Health Medium Toothbrush.Product Type: Toothbrush.Country Of Origin: India.One Brushing Removes Up To 99% Of Plaque In Hard-To-Reach Areas.Power Tip Bristles: 550 Extra Long Bristles To Help Clean Hard To Reach Places.Crossaction Bristles: Unique Crossaction Bristles Are Angled In Opposing Directions To Lift Out And Sweep Away Plaque.Indicator Bristles: Blue Indicator Toothbrush Bristles Fade Halfway So You Know When To Replace Your Brush.Tongue And Cheek Cleaner.

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